Why we at GMCI are not quitting our day jobs

AI Generated Images
By: Kim Gilmore
Founded Gilmore Marketing Concepts in 1991 as a creative, energetic design house and advertising, marketing firm. Built a successful full-time business with over 300 clients. Employ full-time and free lance writers, designers, brand specialists, SEO experts, media buyers, printers and video producers.
September 11, 2023

A study in the usage of Artificial Intelligence

Conversation around AI, Chat GPT, DALL-e, Get IMG and all of the other Artificial Intelligence generating software is at a fever pitch currently. Even Constant Contact, the software we are using to create this eblast now has integrated some type of AI into it’s software. Photoshop this past week came out with what looked to be a glitzy set of filters and additions for their photo editing (aka: new make-believe) filters.

We decided to take visual AI for a test, and it was terrifying!

We used three different AI software interfaces to create “Kim Gilmore in a superhero costume standing on her Range Rover” and this is what AI came up with.

What happened to my face?

My superhero costume seems to have been through a bit of a post apocalyptic event and may or may not be partially transparent. The hair helmet is very matchy-matchy though!

All three of the images we have shared here were the best of what AI could come up with. The others we did not share were much worse; missing limbs, vehicles and or were downright unrecognizable as images of a person.

The Avenger

Then we asked several copy generation AI’s to write the rest of this blast’s copy and here we go:

Google Ads Certified Professional—
A Google Ads certification allows us to demonstrate that we are an expert in online advertising. There are 11 certifications currently and you must pass 4 in order to use the certifications badge. GMCI is certified in nine of them: Ads Search and Professional, Display and Professional, Video and Professional, Measurement, Creative and Leads. These were proctored tests. We must renew these yearly. We get direct, dedicated Marketing Specialist assistance whenever needed.

Google Partners— Being a Google Partner means that we are recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications. As a Google Partner, GMCI Creative gets access to a wide range of benefits, including the ability to showcase the Google Partners badge on our website and marketing materials. There are spend and data set requirements monthly to retain this badge. This also gets us listed in their Marketing Partner Directory.

Google Analytics 4 Certified— GMCI earned this new platform Certification by demonstrating our understanding of Google Analytics 4 properties, including how to set up and structure a property, and use various reporting tools and features. We got certified by passing their structured assessment.

Tik Tok Marketing Partner—The Tik Tok Partner Team reviews a rigorous and financial based application along with base spend requirements and 30-minute skills test. There are 5 base solutions to choose from. GMCI Creative is certified in Campaign Management. GMCI has been highlighted in the Partners Program “Top Weekly Ads” newsletter 3 times in 2023. This means our ads were the top grossing for leads on the platform.

X Marketing Partner—GMCI is certified as a Twitter Marketing Partner, but this has transferred over into their new X branding. The badge still says Twitter Marketing Partners on the X website, so we are not sure what to call this certification. We know that we are part of a carefully selected group of companies offering outstanding customer success through the Twitter Ads API. Getting this certification was by invitation only. We became certified in 2008 and have maintained this certification into the new X platform.

Constant Contact Marketing Partners—This is a yearly half hour quiz that tests our skills through their affiliate program. We are Constant Contact resellers. We resell subscriptions at deeply discounted rates and must pass their yearly skills test in order to continue this program.

LinkedIn Marketing Partner—This partnership certifies we are proficient at sponsored content, messaging, dynamic ads, and lead generation forms. GMCI is familiar with and regularly uses the LinkedIn Advertising API. This gives us access to one-on-one training, incentives, insights, and support along with being listed in their Marketing Partner Directory.

Adobe Professionals— Adobe Certified Professional is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates our skills in Adobe Creative Cloud applications. We have staff that are certified in: Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premier Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Certified Expert— An Adobe Certified Expert is a person who has demonstrated proficiency with Adobe Systems software products by passing one or more product-specific proficiency exams set by Adobe. Kim is an ACE in Photoshop.

Snapchat Partners— We are Creative Partners in Snapchat. This means we have developed a creative integration using the Snapchat Marketing API. This is a closed Beta partnership. We are required minimum quarterly education training and have a 90+% ad review approval rating. We have Minimum published Snapchat specific case studies and proven client success through case studies, performance audits, and client feedback.

Zapier Experts—We are certified consultants that specialize in workflow automation through the Zapier platform. We are tier one experts with a managed client monthly recurring revenue and a paid account. We had to perform above 80% on a 2-part expert certification exam. This gets us listed in their Expert Directory and gives us dedicated support channels. This is our newest certification, and it was harder than we expected. There was coding involved!


Think about what these could mean to you, the success of your business, and your online marketing?

While AI has made significant advancements in recent years and has shown great potential in various domains, it is important to acknowledge some of the limitations and challenges associated with it. Here are a few reasons why AI may not always be considered great:

  • Lack of Common Sense: AI systems excel in specific tasks for which they have been trained but often lack common sense reasoning abilities that humans possess. They may struggle with understanding context, making accurate judgments, or applying knowledge in unfamiliar situations.
  • Bias and Discrimination: AI algorithms are trained on data sets that reflect human biases and prejudices, leading to biased outcomes and discrimination. If the training data is biased, the AI system can perpetuate and amplify those biases, leading to unfair and discriminatory decisions.
  • Lack of Explainability: Many AI models, especially deep learning models, are often considered black boxes because they can produce accurate results without providing a clear explanation of how they arrived at those conclusions. This lack of transparency can be problematic, particularly in critical applications like healthcare or legal decision-making, where transparency and accountability are crucial.
  • Ethical Concerns: AI raises several ethical concerns, such as privacy invasion, security risks, and job displacement. The increasing automation of tasks previously performed by humans may lead to job losses and socioeconomic inequalities. It is crucial to address these ethical considerations and ensure AI is developed and deployed responsibly.
  • Reliance on Data: AI models require large amounts of data to be trained effectively. The quality, diversity, and representativeness of the training data significantly impact the performance of AI systems. In some cases, obtaining labeled data can be expensive or challenging, limiting the development and deployment of AI in certain domains.
  • Vulnerability to Attacks: AI systems can be susceptible to adversarial attacks where malicious actors manipulate input data to deceive the AI system or cause it to make incorrect predictions. This vulnerability raises concerns about the reliability and security of AI in critical applications like autonomous vehicles or cybersecurity.
  • Lack of Emotional Intelligence: While AI can process vast amounts of data and perform complex calculations, it lacks emotional intelligence and understanding human emotions, intentions, or social cues. This limitation hinders AI’s ability to engage in meaningful human interactions and empathy-driven tasks.

We asked AI why it is not great for our lives, our jobs and our communication with clients and it makes a ton of sense in the paragraphs above. All of this copy needs to be checked and double checked for context, bias, correctness.

One big thing I have noticed is that AI cannot create humor, satire or sweary copy well at all. Not that swear words in copy is a huge niche market to corner, but it shows that human copy writing and design work is not going out of business any time soon.

We are not quitting our day jobs.

Paragraphs in red are written by me, Kim Gilmore, not the creepy helmet lady above.

Also my dog has three snouts

I own a border collie named Finn. I am not sure who this white dog and his extra snout is that took over half of my dog’s face, but the longer I look at this image, the more it creeps me out.

The Avenger

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