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We create dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns that spotlight you in a creative and focused light to always hit your target markets. We are working to rid the world of bad design, one job at a time. We leap tall deadlines in a single bound, performing at the top of our game, every day, in the quest for good to win over evil design.

LET’s Build something together

We want to make you the number one business in your market. We do this by investing ourselves in your company, loving your product or service, researching the needs of your consumer, and creating marketing that delivers on target. Send us a note, tell us about your awesome business. We cannot wait to help!


The brawn behind your brand

GMCI™ – Gilmore Marketing Concepts, Inc.  provides the brawn behind your brand. We create dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns that spotlight you in a creative and focused light to always hit your target markets. We pride ourselves on bringing value to every advertising dollar, while building a custom approach that meet goals and measured ROI. This super customization combines strategic marketing, digital-age technology and distinct design to deliver truly measurable results for your brand. With GMCI™ and our team behind you, superstardom is yours.


Our job at GMCI™ is to help your business grow and prosper. We are a full-service advertising agency that can cover all of your marketing needs.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Strategic media planning, buying and analytics for measurable impact. Digital kiosks, app design and interactive VR experiential marketing for impact. Drip marketing and email retargeting for increased sales and awareness. Integrated social streams, including blogs, design, management, content creation and influencer work for optimum online presence.

Web Development

Web Design and Development

Award winning UX and UI web design and experiences with full SEO and ROI measurements. Integrated social, SEO desktop, mobile and digital footprint for cohesive brands. Analytics and big data management for perfectly targeted results. Custom web programming for store-front, B2B and secure server requirements. Website sales funnel integration and squeeze marketing development for better conversion.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Custom service mark, trademark and logo design, brand style guides and catalogs for all your branding needs. Custom printed anything from 1 color PMS to 7 color spot and flood varnish pieces. Award-winning magazine, annual report, and manual layout, design and printing. International award-winning display ad design, media buys and insertion orders for all media types. Corporate and retail package design, branded creative and sales funnel pieces that work for your marketing needs.

Media and Event Management

Media and Events Management

Full facilitation event concept, design, advertising and management with total company ROI in mind. Experiential events, grand openings and influencer integration for interactive and innovative events with lasting impressions. Full press event management and staffing, custom ticketing and media purchase facilitation.

Audio and Video

Audio and Video Production

Influencer videos, viral video production and social media live event facilitation. Instructional and educational videos including animation, interviews, studio and onsite remote work for professional full length videos. Inbound marketing videos and tutorials for B2 B and B2C consumer UI. Corporate video writing, production, talent scouting, voice overs and sound production for professional marketing messaging.


SEO and Advertising Management

Our Google Ads Certified Experts, Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners and experts in media planning, media buying and analytics can give you clarity on what drives your marketing success. Full social media integration for all advertising management and SEO opportunities. Omni-channel digital campaigns to truly reach qualified customers.

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