Who Really Cares About Taylor Swift?

Who Really Cares About Taylor Swift
By: Kim Gilmore
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August 17, 2023


I am pivoting from my last post. This is not a huge oscillation; this is a diminutive eighth of a turn. I am moving from talking about Classic Barbie and her signature pink, to discussing Taylor Swift and her monumental Eras tour. They are both blonde, they are both adorable, they are both REALLY popular and, in the not-so-‘Cruel Summer’ of 2023, both have made a MAD TON of money.

Let’s do a marketing comparison; how to market your company, product, or service to hit your success levels using Taylor ‘Style’ achievements. I made a list of ‘Timeless’ things that make Taylor Swift popular and how you can model your business message to increase awareness. We know ‘All too Well’ she is the IT girl of the summer of ’23.


Who Really Cares About Taylor Swift

#1: TS is talented and versatile. 

When marketing your company, make sure you discuss the talented team you have assembled and discuss the highlights of your product or service. Make sure your audience knows the versatility of your company and the services you provide. Let your consumer know how talented you are performing these services. 

#2: TS is authentic and relatable

Be your authentic self when you write social media posts. Be relatable with small jokes, easy to understand lists or directions about your products. Be ‘Fearless’. Write personal responses to reviews thanking customers for their critiques and kudos. (ie: Thank you Jodie for your amazing review, we really enjoyed having you on our tour last week) People love knowing real humans are behind that corporate image and will feel more attracted to your product when you are relatable and genuine.

GMCI Creative has hundreds of design and marketing awards. Tout them in trade publications.


breeds relatability, relatability equals likeability, likeability creates brand loyalty.

#3: TS has evolved and adapted

Stay relevant. Why do you think I am writing blogs about Taylor Swift and Barbie? Make sure your company can pivot and leverage current events and situations to increase awareness. Evolve with times. Tout your technical advances and case studies to let your customers know what they can do with your services. Remember, ‘Everything Has Changed’ since the pandemic and we have all learned to pivot. Let your clients know how well you have evolved and adapted.

#4 TS has strong songwriting skills

We are not asking you to write a top 10 hit, just compelling copy for your website, brochures, digital ads, and social media that explain your product or service. Hire the right people (like GMCI) if you do not have the copy writing skills to pull it off. We can help you write ‘Breathless’ copy. Make sure you tell the ‘Story of Us’.

#5: TS engages with fans

Like stated above, make sure to be relatable and engage with your fan base. If someone commented on your social media post, respond in a timely manner. If you got a poor review, make sure to comment and tell the reviewer you are disappointed too and would like to help them fix the ‘Glitch’. Let them know you are sorry if ‘I Did Something Bad’, then ‘Shake It Off’. Engagement breeds relatability, relatability equals likeability, likeability creates brand loyalty.

#6: TS is amazing at marketing and promotion

Hire a great marketing and PR company like GMCI to create dynamic marketing campaigns and promotions that get you noticed in a crowded digital world. We have more than ‘Fifteen' case studies on our website explaining what amazing results we have gotten for our clients. Visit them here.

#7: TS has crossover appeal

Target your markets for what they want. Create messaging that talks directly to specific markets, but make sure you have messaging for multiple markets. You sell a widget meant for seniors, but have you ever targeted the senior’s children who may buy the widget for the parent? Target different demographics and age groups with differing messages to feel relatable to that specific consumer. You may have more success than your ‘Wildest Dreams’.

Hire a great marketing and PR company

like GMCI to create dynamic marketing campaigns and promotions that get you noticed in a crowded digital world.

#8: TS gets media attention

Host an event, invite the media, send a press release, get yourself in the news. I am not telling you to send a blanket boiler-plate press release about some boring old anniversary or product. ‘Call it what you want’ but nobody gets press off a boring release. I am saying create buzz. Make news by making the thing you are touting interesting. Having an anniversary? Turn it into a charity town picnic to give back to your town and invite the local media to that event. Launching a new product? Make sure the PR goes to the trade magazines and customer base that will get excited by this product, do not send that to the local television station expecting a response. Make sure your message ‘Hits Different’ to get published.

You may have more success than your ‘Wildest Dreams’

#9: TS gets award recognition

Apply for awards in your field and get them. Do amazing work and get recognized by your industry. Then you can tout these awards to potential clients and consumers. People would much rather hire an award-winning company than one that has never been recognized for doing anything outstanding. (GMCI has hundreds of design and marketing awards)

Do amazing work and get recognized by your industry.

‘Long Story Short’, we can all follow Taylor Swift’s lead to attract new clients and bigger sales. ‘This Is Me Trying’ here, you never want to feel your marketing has failed and then spend your time thinking ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’. Hope you enjoyed. Millions of Swifties cannot be wrong.

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