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By: Kim Gilmore
Founded Gilmore Marketing Concepts in 1991 as a creative, energetic design house and advertising, marketing firm. Built a successful full-time business with over 300 clients. Employ full-time and free lance writers, designers, brand specialists, SEO experts, media buyers, printers and video producers.
July 13, 2023

We are in the height of golf outing season and headed toward trade show season. Who does not love a good chance to network, play a little golf and learn about the latest and greatest happenings in your industry, right? If you are anything like me, a trip through a big trade show space gets overwhelming pretty quickly and a golf outing is all about where the next cold beverage and sleeve of balls is coming from. (I do tend to lose a few balls on the course).

GMCI Booth

Our job at GMCI Creative is to make your company memorable.

Now remember, sales and marketing are not the same thing, and we are not a sales training company. You will have to staff your space with dynamic, outgoing, and fun staff members, but those sales and networking employees will truly make an impression with just the right message, promotional item, and booth space. Also, do not forget a great follow-up drip marketing campaign and continued marketing touches.

After a hot day on the golf course, do you remember any of the vendors that were greeting you at a tee box? Did you have meaningful exchanges with any booth staffers at the trade show you attended? What got your attention? What was memorable?

So, let’s break this down. It’s all about your brand and how we can help!

Do you have a well branded booth space?

GMCI designs and prints:

  • Custom printed tablecloths with your message
  • Banner stands with eye catching branded graphics
  • Pop up and custom booths with full graphics
  • Promotional merchandise for giveaways
  • Higher price-point promotional merchandise for raffles

GMCI Folder Design

Do you have well branded print pieces?

GMCI designs and prints:

  • Custom sales handouts and flyers
  • Postcards to mail ahead of an event to promote your attendance
  • Fold-over cards and stationary suites for post-event correspondence
  • Eye-catching folders and corporate branded packets


Do you have a well-crafted sales and marketing touch matrix?

GMCI designs and creates:

  • Fully targeted creative and fun campaigns to hit customers with the information needed to buy your product or service
  • Digital and print literature matrices to let sales and marketing staff know what pieces reach what customer type and when they should publish to send them down your sales funnel
  • Drip marketing email campaigns to keep your brand in your potential customer’s mind
  • Re-targeted digital campaigns to continue putting your branded content in front of potential customers

GMCI Glasses

So, next time you are working a golf outing or staffing a trade show booth, look around, are you doing all you can to be on brand? Call GMCI Creative, we can help!

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