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Happy Thanksgiving
By: Kim Gilmore
Founded Gilmore Marketing Concepts in 1991 as a creative, energetic design house and advertising, marketing firm. Built a successful full-time business with over 300 clients. Employ full-time and free lance writers, designers, brand specialists, SEO experts, media buyers, printers and video producers.
November 23, 2021


2021 is almost over, it seems the year has flown by, compared to the slow slog of 2020. So I decided to sit down and write a Thanksgiving blog to remind us of what we are thankful for in 2021, and 2022 to come.

We are thankful for all of you that are reading this email. That means our subject line caught your eye and our marketing worked to get you to open this ridiculous headline. 😉

We are thankful for the always interesting diversity of clients and work that comes through our doors every day. From start-ups that need marketing basics, to in-depth digital campaigns that delve deep into consumer trends, we enjoy all of the hard, and easy, creative, and not-so-creative work.

We are thankful for delivery lunch. Because everyone has to eat, even on a deadline! We are especially thankful for that fortune cookie that let us know in advance we would be closing a big proposal that had been a ton of work.

We are thankful for vaccines and booster shots and rolling clear dividers that make it so we can all be in the office together getting stuff done.

We are thankful for new clients as we get to know them and they get to experience the upward trend in their business as we ramp up their marketing.

We are thankful for long-term clients, some whom have been with us over 20 years. You have become true friends—we love working with you.

We are thankful for our shippers, delivery drivers, postal workers and supply chains. With a ton of mailings, deliveries, shipping and printing done through GMCI Creative, we have had very few supply chain issues and we are truly grateful for our amazing suppliers.

We are thankful for Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, Skype, Blue Jeans, Web Ex, Go To Meeting and Google Hangouts. Without these video conferencing offerings, Kim would not be able to wear yoga pants to all of her sales calls and client meetings!

I am sure there is much more I will think of late tonight while trying to drift off to sleep, but for now, Just… Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

—Kim and the rest of the turkeys at GMCI.

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