GMCI Creative is a Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies

Facebook Partner
By: Kim Gilmore
Founded Gilmore Marketing Concepts in 1991 as a creative, energetic design house and advertising, marketing firm. Built a successful full-time business with over 300 clients. Employ full-time and free lance writers, designers, brand specialists, SEO experts, media buyers, printers and video producers.
May 5, 2021

What does this mean for you?

GMCI has access to a full toolbox of partner response objectives, accessories, advanced support and agency-specific resources to help your business accelerate success across all Facebook platforms.

Facebook Marketing PartnerGMCI can drive meaningful business outcomes for you through the Facebook platform.

We are also a certified to run ads related to credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections or politics. This is a highly prized certification as these ads are regulated highly through Facebook, Instagram and all affiliate social spaces.

From spend optimization, deep dive analytics and measurement best practices, there is a lot to like about working with a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, In-Article, Audience Network, Interstitial, Search, Marketplace, Video and more ad types are included in the Facebook system
of marketing partners.
Call today to learn more about how we can budget your company for increased business through our Facebook Marketing Partnership.

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